Artist Kilolo Kumanyika joins ArtCulturist – Perspectives on Artists, Muses & Models

Kilolo Kumanyika Joins ArtCulturist as Curator

Kilolo Kumanyika Joins ArtCulturist as Curator

N.J. artist Kilolo Kumanyika has joined the curation team at ArtCulturist. Kilolo will be curating content as it relates to perspectives of the artist, muse and model. When we first spoke to Kilolo about joining the project, she was quite passionate about amplifying the voice of the artist’s muse and sometimes model – who’s story is almost never told. Kilolo will share these stories among other culturally relevant issues to the ArtCulturist community.

Kilolo uses her Native American and African American heritage as a source of inspiration for her work. Exposure to art as a child by her godfather, watercolorist, Nat Bickerstaff, and as a childhood member of the Brooklyn and Montclair Museums shaped her interest. Having worked with printmaker, Robert Blackburn, at the Printmaking Workshop as the establishments’ Executive Manager and printmaking student, and continued work with realist Philip Pearlstein over the last 17 years, has added to her variety of media.

With paints, beads, textiles, and natural fibers, Kilolo shows us color and culture with little restriction. Soft watercolor paintings built up of soft washes to textured masks compose this portfolio. Gauche and ink make frequent appearances in her paintings creating a striking combination of negative space and vibrant color. Cutting or printing on paper before actually painting on it, is also a part of many of her processes. Using this technique, she believes, encourages the observer to try to look inside, around, or behind the work. Kilolo’s sculptural use of fabric in creating forms give them movement and presence. Intricate beadwork, used to create headdresses, earrings, and neckwear also adorn many of her pieces. Some of her most original creations are photographs of fluid designs painted on the bare bellies of pregnant women.

Kilolo is also a ceramicist, furniture designer, and jewelry designer. She attended Howard University and Montclair State University, where she received a B.A. in Graphic Design. Kilolo has been featured at several galleries including Robert Blackburn’s Printmaking Workshop, WBGO (Jazz 88.3) Gallery, and Iandor Fine Arts. Her work has been published as the cover of ‘the original buckwheat’ , a book of poetry reg e. gaines, writer of the Broadway musical “Bring in the Noise, Bring in the Funk”. Kilolo has been a teacher of the arts, as well as, having served on such boards as the Steering Committee for Arts and Culture for the township of Montclair.

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